geki gengar card game

This card game is used by the Pygmy Nergroes of these islands as a method of determining who amongst the eligible men may choose a potential mate first. It is a game of skill, luck, secret partnering, wagering of livelihood, betrayal, and joy. Designed to be played by all the eligible men in a tribe once a year during a ritual tournament, a round is played by ten or less at a time. winners of a round are named in succession as follows:

  • 1 – dua Gekki
  • 2 – rua Gekki
  • 3 – tolu Gekki
  • 4 – va Gekki
  • 5 – lima Gekki
  • 6 – ekki Gekki
  • 7 – vitu Gengar
  • 8 – walu Gengar
  • 9 – ciwa Gengar
  • 10 – tina Gengar

The dua gekki is always first to choose a mate. if there are multiples of each rank, disputes over mating preference sometimes occur; especially amongst the dua gekki. in cases where two or more males of the same rank wish to mate with the same female, they have several options:

  • Play another hand of Gekki Gengar
  • Settle the dispute by trading goods and services
  • Throw the Female to El Gekki Gengar in the center of the lagoon, that he may decide in his wisdom who is to have her. This option usually results in El Gekki Gengar keeping the woman for himself.

(Gekki means duck, Gengar means monkey)

The prefixes to duck and monkey are the native decimal counting system, and they have limited use or understanding of ideas past ten.

The ideas of duck and monkey are also associated with left and right, for the most part. gekki being right, gengar being left. The digits on each hand are named according to the ranks of Gekki Gengar. Dua Gekki is the thumb of the right hand, Rua Gekki is the forefinger, etc. Ekki Gekki is a special exception, being the thumb of the left hand. It is considered a sacred digit, and a most esteemed rank in Gekki Gengar. The ekki Gengar, as a rank and as a thumb, is treated differently amongst different tribes though it is always auspicious. Some believe the ekki gekki will through his choice of mate bring forth the next spiritual leader of the tribe. Others believe that by purposefully delaying to be sixth in rank in the game of mating, one will be happiest and most successful in marriage. Birthmarks upon the left thumb are matters of great debate amongst spiritual leaders, wounds and hangnails on the left thumb are ill omens. Before a criminal is exiled, their ekki gekki is cut off and fed to the tribe’s gengar.

geki gengar card game

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