Gekki Gengar Archipelago

The Geki Gengar Archipelago (or “Gek-KI Gen-GAR” as it’s pronounced by the natives) is a chain of sub-tropical islands formed in a series of roughly semi-circular crescents around a vividly blue bay in the middle of the sea. Settled by traders for it’s strategic placement between many economically powerful nations, It has become a truly metropolitan destination for the seafaring merchants of the known world.

Geki Gengar fauna Geki Gengar flora

Geki Gengar is named for the head of the native’s pantheon, El Gekki Gengar, literally translating to “the duck-monkey.” Geki gengar is also the name of a popular card game played by indigenous aboriginal gnomes here.

Each of the islands is ruled by a spirit.

These spirits can affect their island is some ways (each island can have a schtick):

+/-2 Defense (-2 Wil ruled over by tyrannical enchanter)

+/-5 Skill (-5 Bluff fortress island of wealth guarded by trustworthy bankers)

Each island marks visitors:

  • immediately upon entry
  • mark duration increases as time is spent on island
  • mark duration resets once time spent off island is consecutively time spent on island (max 30 days)
  • become native after all other marks have been faded for 30 consecutive days
Mark effects:
  • For first 3 days, +2 all Skills, then -2 all Skills until native

Gekki Gengar Archipelago

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